Episode 17 – The Buckle End


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Paul and guest-host Daniel discuss refurbs, rumors, and Meryl Streep’s vitriolic and slanderous remarks about Walt Disney.

Current Events:

Return of the Off-Season

Disneyland resort has moved into the off-season between New Years and Spring Break. This is a rare opportunity for you to enjoy the resort without big crowds for the most part, but the downside is that a ton of maintenance projects will be making touch-ups to spots around the park, work crew will be all over the place and a number of attractions will be closed as the parks take advantage of the smaller crowds to do some refurbishing.

In this episode we discuss the refurbishment of closures and re openings of:

Big Thunder Mountain, The Nightmare Before Christmas, It’s a Small World, The Sailing Ship Columbia, New Orleans Square, Alice in Wonderland, ¡Viva Navidad!, The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail and Soarin’ over California.

In A Little DLR History

Paul refutes Meryl Streep’s comments about Walt Disney at the National Board of Review Awards on Tuesday (1-7-14), and he and Daniel briefly discuss “Saving Mr. Banks”.

Sources for Paul’s argument:






Main Topic

We discuss the Finding Nemo Submarine’s Closure and the rumors of it’s demise, along with several other alleged Disney Parks projects including “Star Wars Land”.




Episode 16 – Let The Ducks Eat Me


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Episode 15 – The Leota Effect


Our own Laura Gannon as Madame Leota! Lol! Hey… she said I could post this…

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Join us with Daniel and Tommy of The Disgeek Podcast as we discuss Halloween at Disneyland, and we introduce a new segment, “Disney Attraction Origins”. For our first, we have decided to go with a DLR fan favorite, and classic attraction, The Haunted Mansion…kinda goes with the whole Halloween thing too. 😀

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Stick around for the end of the episode and listen to a little bonus addition, a live performance of “This is Halloween” by The Mad T Party Band!

Episode 12- In Monstro’s Eye


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