Episode 6 – The Shallow End

Vogue Disney Darlings - Kidaby ~dantetyler (http://dantetyler.deviantart.com/)

“Vogue Disney Darlings – Kida”
by ~dantetyler (http://dantetyler.deviantart.com/)

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With the help of friends and listeners on social media, I have compiled two top 10 lists of the sexiest Disney Animated Characters. There’s a men’s and women’s division. And by “animated” I mean cartoons, so you won’t get Marry Poppins or someone like that on these lists.

All week long I have been asking on Facebook and Twitter for folks to submit to me their top-ten sexiest men and women, and I as surprised as I am by the number of people who commented on FB, e-mailed and direct messaged me on Twitter (thank you all SO MUCH, this episode rocks IMHO thanks to your feedback), I’m just as surprised by the number of people who didn’t.

So here’s the deal…

The Top-10 lists in this episode represent the opinions of myself and the people who participated, i.e. the ones who are following me on social media and bothered to answer.

If you aren’t following me on Twitter or Facebook and you have/had an opinion one way or another, sorry.

I know! FOLLOW this show on Twitter and Facebook and get involved for next time, because I ask questions and your opinions vis a vis Disney stuff will always matter to me.

If you DO follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and you simply didn’t say anything when I put the question out there, and characters you like aren’t on the list, or high enough, or in your opinion are too high. Tough. You had a whole week. 😉

Enjoy! 😀

Much love,


You can comment on this episode below and/or e-mail me at: thedlrage@gmail.com

You can this follow this podcast on Twitter @DL_Rage and/or “Like” this podcast on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/dlrage

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